I’m a 70 year old disabled fella sitting here with my best friend-Shadow my German Sheppard-thinking about the 99ers so seriously protesting the “Wall” but ultimately just for the mere fun of it because what they are doing won't result in more justice in the distribution of global wealth, even thought is may seem to.



Here is how my thinking goes…




Even though I strongly support continuing resistance against the world’s present unjust distribution of global wealth, I would be so much happier if all the folks participating in the present Movement against “wall Street’s greedy taking of wealth” were actually doing something that would force the needed change that would end poverty everywhere evermore for everyone like preparing some soil for some vegetable food growing garden this Spring, and/or raising a young calf, lamb, piggy, or bitty for the needed meat, or even just planning to go fishing and/or hunting for some food without having to shop the grocer store owned by Wall Street.


But first, the 99ers must realize that they are really only 80% at best. The 1% treats 19% better than everyone else so that 19% will actually always be on the 1% side in any effort to make meaningful changes.


Then second, the 80% must teach themselves how to attend too many of their own needs rather than rely on the 20% for everything, especially essentials like food, water, clothing, and housing as well as personal appreciation..


And third, the 80% must also teach themselves how to live and enjoy an independent, safe, and comfortable life without all of many profit-making gadgets the 20% has taught them to think that they can’t be happy without.



As well as forth, the 80% must organize their self in such a manner that they all vote to really strength themselves and not the 20%. Then they must force a constitutional amendment that will place limitations to the 20%'s control of production and the wealth it can create for them by merely controlling the prices on the market.

here is how the USA constitution is amended:

Changing the "fundamental law" is a two-part process of three steps: amendments are proposed then they must be ratified by the states. An Amendment can be proposed one of two ways. Both ways have two steps. It can be proposed by Congress, and ratified by the states. Or on demand of two-thirds of the state legislatures, Congress could call a constitutional convention to propose an amendment, then to be ratified by the states.

In the first step, the proposed Amendment must find a national super majority of 67% in Congress, both House (people) and Senate (states). The second step requires a super-super 75% majority of the states ratifying, representing a majority of the people in the states ratifying. Congress determines whether the state legislatures or special state conventions ratify the amendment.[37]

On attaining Constitutional ratification of the proposal by three-fourths of the states, at that instant, the "fundamental law" is expressed in that Amendment. It is operative without any additional agency. No signature is required from the President. Congress does not have to re-enact. The Supreme Court does not have to deliberate. There is no delay to re-draft and re-balance the entire Constitution incorporating the new wording. The Amendment, with the last required state ratifying, is the "supreme law of the land."


Finally, the 80% must accept the fact that it will take a whole generation to accomplish any meaningful change and by then the new generation may eagerly go right back to the way things are now, just like an earlier generation of young farmers just up and moved to the city rather than do the hard work of subsistent farming.


But remember it will be extremly difficult for new generations to re-amend the constitution to give back absolute athority of economic distribution to those who control the means of production.



The more the 80% reliably and continuously provide for themselves rather than buy from the 1% and their 19% supporters, the more prices will lower without wages lowering and the more prices so lower the more just the wealth distribution system necessarily becomes.


Yes, the wealthy will attempt to intimidate the workers with threats of, and/or actual, job  loses; but remember, if one knows how to feed, cloth, and shelter themselves they can survive without a job.


While there appears to be some hope that the present “Wall” protesting against an unjust distribution of USA wealth may just better the life of common folks, it’s nothing more than an illusion.


Such protesting actually helps the wealthy and harms the poor simply because it increases consumption of things the wealthy produce and distribute for profit. Just stop and think of all the tents and/or other camping stuff sold because of the Movement that would have not been sold otherwise.


Also, remember that the police are part of the 19% that works directly for the top 1% and these  protest merely gives police departments more funding which is paid for with taxes paid by the ordinary working folks of the world. Yes, I know that the wealthy claim to pay most of the taxes; but they simply pass what they pay in taxes on to the ordinary workers in higher prices.


The so called 1% (about 3 million) either own or otherwise control nearly all of the USA’s ways and means of production and distribution for profit. Since the so called 99ers (about 297 million) massively consume the 1%’s stuff it’s natural that they will become wealthy.


The only legal non-violent way to meaningfully change that situation and its results is for the 80% to dramatically reduce consumption of 20% stuff.


The only other way is for the 80% to amend the USA Constitution in a manner that will impose some just, but meaningful, restraints on the personal exercise of free enterprise.


Since it’s highly unlikely that either of these efforts will even be considered, let alone pursued, it becomes absolutely clear that the protesting of the “wall” is simply an action for the fun of it.

Accordingly, I’ll just piddle around within my weary old mind while rubbing my loving German Sheppard’s back while him and I enjoy the beauty of life revealed by Mother Nature’s wildlife of plants and animals.




Without defeat

By bob


I’m about to lose my home, my money is all gone.


I can’t even give my dog his bone, my money is all gone.


 Guess I’d better write a song, my money is all gone.


 “I’m certainly “ghetto” bound without the safety of higher ground.


Since my money is all gone the water runs too deep; and the mountain climbs too steep; and the

Sun shines too much heat; and the ends simply won’t meet; and my family can’t afford to give

Me a loan; and I’ll never seek the help of the government because I had truly rather stand on my

Own two feet in both the good and the bad times, even when my money is all gone.

Despite all of this, I’m unwilling to be beat, I‘ll just learn from the animals how to roam the wild without defeat.”


                                          Too much to do

                                             (By bob)

The butterfly fluttered, the bee buzzed, the rose bloomed

Unnoticed as mankind down their roads thoughtlessly zoomed

The tree grew, the eagle flew, and the squirrel did an acorn chew

Unnoticed as mankind chatted their phone ‘bout too much to do

The river flowed, the fish swam, and the beaver build a dam

Unnoticed as mankind typed their computers bout the use of spam

A child cried, a teenager lied, a parent tried, a grandparent died

Unnoticed as mankind plans their online community about how they may best hide

A tank clattered, a rifle blasted, a bomb dropped, dead bodies collapse

Unnoticed as mankind prepares their war zones all across the earth’s maps

Mother Nature gradually polluted and depleted expresses anger with dignity

Unnoticed as mankind blindly becomes their own worst ever-growing enemy

Oh there’s not enough time, life’s too short, there’s too much to do, everything falls behind

Unnoticed as mankind persistently pursues stressed life with their unsatisfied mind

Oh so sad it must be that painful efforts to honestly better the cluttered path of humanity

Go unnoticed as mankind ignores kindness to the needy in search of personal vanity.

But, despite mankind being so blind, in the end, our dogs will remain our best friend.



Stop and smell the roses

By bob

Slowly think about all of Mother Nature, the mountains, lakes, and ocean breeze;

The beautiful flowers and all of the birds, every animal, insect, and all of the trees

For in the wisdom built into Her endless work She places a cure for every pain right onto the

tip of our fingers but we carelessly let too much of it slip right out of the palm of our hand.

That carelessness reveals the reason to for us to slow down. Clearly it’s time to change the

way we are living; we have taken too much from life while giving so little in return; now is the time for us to start giving more to life than we take from it.

Once we feel the loving force of giving more than we take, we finally understand why

smelling the roses helps us better ourselves; it compels us to carefully listen to the call of Nature 

from deep within the heart of all the animals and plants; and, thus, in time, become our ever

 growing best self in all we think and do here on earth from the wisdom revealed to us personally by Mother Nature.


Remember Gandhi won India's freedom from the British Empire without using or causing any violence by living in poverty himself and having his followers do the same so as to harm mass production because he knew without mass consumption that the owneres of the  mass production would be hurt more that increasing consumption of their goods and services.



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