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Today-the world over-more money and labor is being spent on getting poverty under civilized control; yet, today there is more poverty than civilization has ever known both in numbers and percentages.


If the leaders of the Gates Foundation are truly interested in ending poverty everywhere forever, they will take the time to think about the fundamental wisdom of this message; and thus, think about changing their fundamental operation so as to encourage the whole world to become involved in ending poverty everywhere forever-not with mere money and/or other property donations, but by actually giving a physical helping hand, for example, simply stop doing things daily that contribute to poverty itself and/or poverty’s cause; and, then, by enjoying personal participation in an “end poverty for one and all program”.

Such as this site intends to create: http://bobpippin.ning.com/

If the Foundation’s claim that it is driven by a true belief that “all lives have equal value” is but publicity and/or propaganda, then just throw this email in the trash bin and go ahead with things as usual.

Anyone who truly believes that all people are fundamentally valuable must live by one fundamental principle only:

It’s so simple; just live like a Tree; that is to always give more to life than they take from life.

Once such human living begins, everything else, including guiding basic principles for daily life, will take care of itself.

Yes, despite first impression doubts, humans can give more to life than they take from it; and still live comfortable enough through out their life while also knowing that when it comes their time, they will die with a true satisfied mind.

Here is a mere suggestion on how the United States Government could best act to get their start in leading the rest of the world back into economic recovery so as everybody could then start thinking about ending poverty everywhere forever:

(1) A constitutional amendment that effectively provides, promotes, and requires:

1-that just pricing will be established for all good and services produced and/or otherwise sold within the USA.

2-That just pricing shall never be more than a true 25% net (preferable only 10% net) at each processing level from production to retail sales.

3-once just prices are established, they may never be changed without a true and equal increase in production and/or distribution.

4-that no corporation and/or company otherwise (any owner of the means of production, distribution, or sales) shall ever enjoy an annual net income greater than twenty (20) times the minimum annual income of its workers as such minimum is established in section five below.

5-that fair and just minimum and maximum annual incomes for all workers are established; but the maximum income is never to be more than ten (10) times greater that the minimum income; and once these incomes are established, they may not change without an equal true net cost of living increase for those receiving the minimum income.

(2) Here is what can quickly be done that will instantly put Americans back to work:
It’s so simple, and will do so much for over crowded interstate roads, and/or overcrowded cities, organize and order the construction of making all US highways into interstate quality highways.

As soon as this is in process all American who are able to work will have work able for them.

Moreover, once this is done more people will move away from the big cities because production facilities can now set up more out in the country; and of course, more people will travel them and reduce the extremely high death rate cause by USA’s highway system. (It is the number one killer in the USA)

If you took the time to read my message, Thanks, and I hope you will at least see its fundamental message.
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